Alison Yan, The Counterman

The poem “Counterman” by Paul Violi is a relatable poem.  In this poem there is two parts, each part is a dialog between the counterman and the customer.  The first customer sounds like he/she is just trying to get a simple sandwich.  The second customer sounds like he/she is ordering a fancy sandwich; he/she is describing like a piece of artwork.  To me these two customers in the deli project the people in New York City.

This poem is related to me because this sounds like the lifestyle in New York City. The two faces of New York City one is the fancy and sophisticated lifestyle and another is the quick and busy lifestyle.  When I am rushing to get somewhere I will be like the first customer ordering fast, in and out.  And other days I will want a to be sophisticated with a pinch of salt, a dash of ketchup.

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