Alison Yan Culinary Week 10

Week 10 was soup week. We learned how to make consummé, French onion soup, Manhattan clam chowder, mushroom barley, potage créçy, purée dubarry and purée split pea

Week 10

Consummé Soup

Week 10

Simmer Onions in Stock

Week 10

French Onion Soup

Week 10

Manhattan Clam Chowder, Mushroom Barley, Potage Créçy, Purée Dubarry and Purée Split Pea

One thought on “Alison Yan Culinary Week 10

  1. Beautiful shots Alison. Nice work. I like how you captured the formation of the raft here, hiding the beautiful liquid underneath. Also the shot of the soups in their bowls at the end. Some colorful presentation.
    Thank you for sharing!

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