Falling Soldier

Capa’s photograph, Death of a Loyalist Soldier,was not staged. The way the body fell and the placement of both hands made the image real. If a person falls, human instincts to place your hand down to support your fall. This soldier’s hands were at his sides and plus he was holding his riffle. In Whelan’s discussion, a Captain told the fact that the fingers are somewhat curled toward the palm clearly indicates that the man’s muscles have gone limp and that he is already dead. It is nearly impossible for any conscious person to resist the reflex impulse to brace his fall by flexing his hand strongly backward at the wrist and extending his fingers out straight.

culinary poem

The poem” Counterman” by Paul Violi was very funny, in my opinion. I liked it when the whole class had to read each line because it made the poem stand out more. The poem reminded of when I use to order a veggie bacon, lettuce, and cheese sandwich (VBLC). The deli owner knew I was a vegetarian, so he always made sure to order veggie bacon personally for me.

As a sandwich maker, it is important to please and satisfy each customer, even if that means speaking the lingo of a religious customer. The first customer relates more to me, which is straight to the point. The second customer used words that most students in my class, including me, couldn’t pronounce. This sandwich maker definitely has experience with understanding what a customer has.



Hw 2 food and coffee in the civil war

If I was a soldier during the Civil War, I don’t know if I would have made it. I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t survive off of meat and differently not potatoes, and pieces of bread. I need more proteins and vitamins in my diet to help me throughout the day. I love food, but I don’t think I can eat the same food over and over again, especially if it lacks flavor. Soldiers in the Civil War loved coffee because it gave them energy and it was a sense of comfort. Commercial’s these days make coffee seem like it is the only thing that you would want and need, but I don’t like coffee.

I find it strange that some people can’t start there day without first drinking a cup of coffee. I never felt the need to drink coffee because I’m always drinking tea. Coffee is very bitter unless you sweeten it. If the soldiers ran out of sugar they were forced to drink bitter coffee.

I personally love green vegetables and seafood. I get my daily vitamins and protein by eating this often. I don’t mind eating this over again because I can always give it different seasonings to spice things up.

veggie and fish

veggie and fish

cherrish wilson



This is a picture of a piece of bread that my grandma made two days ago. The bread that she made has a nice crust and is soft when you bite into it. I left it in the refrigerator to prevent it from spoiling, but by me doing so it became really hard on the outside and inside. If you were to squeeze it, it would not spring back up. In order to get it back to being safe, it would have to go in the oven for a couple of minutes. When I noticed it was exceptionally hard, I immediately thought the texture of it felt like a brick.