Homework #3

I believe Capa’s photo of the fallen solider is not staged because it is possible for the solider to get shot while Capa takes a picture of him since he is out in the open while the other soldiers are hiding. At first, I thought this photo was staged because it doesn’t show where he got shot but after seeing a photo of his position in the war, I believe it is not staged. I find Whelan’s argument convincing because he also provided photos to prove his point. In my opinion, I don’t think authenticity matters because every photo is unique in its own way, doesn’t matter if it’s authentic or not.

Homework #2

I agree that coffee can be addicting but I would choose food over coffee because you don’t necessarily need coffee, whereas you need food to survive. I understand that back then the soldiers needed coffee in their routines because coffee can keep them awake to fight in wars, but coffee doesn’t have proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like food does. If I had to choose between coffee and food, I would choose coffee because food can satisfy your hunger, coffee can’t. Another reason is that we don’t need coffee to stay awake, tea is a healthier option and it can also keep you awake.

One thing that I enjoy eating is sushi. Sushi can be expensive but they taste really good and they are easy to make. My family used to own a sushi restaurant 13 years ago in Chinatown and I think that is when I started to really enjoy eating sushi.

Homework #1 – Texture


This is a Japanese snack known as Takoyaki. It is filled with chopped octopus, tempura flakes, pickled ginger, and green onions, made of wheat flour based batter. The texture of this is that it is slightly crispy on the outside and it is soft and creamy in the inside, topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and bonito flakes. The bonito flakes gives it a nice savory flavor. Takoyaki is usually served in 6 to 8 balls because it is not served as a meal but it will fill you up since the batter is made of wheat flour. You should definitely try this when you have the chance to.