Falling Solider by Shara Bryan

First look at this photo and you would assume it’s staged. But this photo needs to be dissected and looked at closely for that to be determined. How could a photographer capture a photographer like this one? That’s was one of my first questions. I thought it was staged at first because of the angle of shot as well as how he was able to get a picture the second the solider was shot too. After reading the arguments about the image, Ive concluded that the image isn’t staged. Even though there is a few things that didn’t add up first like the general agreeing to stage bodies for them to take pictures of. That couldn’t have been the case though because this picture was taken during the time of the solider being shot, not after. This picture just couldn’t have been staged due to the position of the solider.

In closing, after reading the arguments and throughly examining the photo, I do believe that the photo is authentic and I do agree with Richard Welan’s arguements.

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