Paul Violi was a great and respected writer who wrote many poems. One of those poems was about food and the name of the poem is “Counterman”. This poem reminds me when i was young and just finished University with Tourism and Hospitality Degree. Because Violi talks about traveling in this poem which I love so much, and about food, my other favorite thing. In my point of view, a person who loves to travel like me and love food as well is the perfect person to read and talk about.

The author, described perfect what kind of food that the customer was ordering and also you as a reader, what kind of person they were. I could understanding this because each person that was ordering food was described by the vendor when he was asking question about the order. In this case, i am guessing their personality and where they came from. For example: the first orders was made maybe by a professional business person who does not have time to waste or a student who wants everything done immediately. The third and last client in the poem, i think this person is a woman who is very pick about everything, wealthy and traveled around the world because the vendor changed his vocabulary to accommodate this person. However, not just the client was well educated but the vendor too.