Homework # 2 Civil war

The diets that the people had during the Civil War were fascinating. Each had a different type of food and diet that they had to live through due to the scarce in food and supplies. The most fascinating food that I see would be the hardtrack. This type of food is a simple type of biscuit or cracker that the soldier would use during the Civil War. I really admire the size of the bread and how well it could be preserved even during the Civil War till now. The hardtrack is also easy to create with only flour, water. You may throw in some salt to add flavor in it. It may seem to be just a simple old cracker but to me it’s like a survival food with a great history.

The type of food item that I could not live without would be rice. Even though it’s not always the most health of food, rice is still easy to carry, make, and is quite satisfying for a simple meal. Rice seems to go well with other dishes and can easily be a useful side dish.

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HW #2 – Civil War

My love for coffee and food are both equal, but if I were given the choice whether to give up food or coffee, I would give up coffee. The benefits of choosing food outweigh the choices of coffee in my opinion. Food is a very important essential that provides us with energy throughout the day and it is needed to survive. Food carries necessary vitamins and nutrients that our body needs. Also, food has a lot of variety to choose from and it’s very delicious.

Unfortunately, those during the Civil war, soldiers were very limited in their food supply and resources, but their main necessity was coffee during that era. Based off of these articles I find it so fascinating that the civil war soldiers consumed a staggering amount of coffee throughout their day. I definitely assumed that the main food supply of consumption would have been mainly bread. I am very thankful that I am not limited in my supply and resources when it comes to coffee or food. I have such a love for food, but my guiltiest pleasure of them all would be potato chips. Despite the lack of health benefits that majority of chips may have I can’t resist the crunchy and saltiness it has to offer.


Food vs. Coffee #Homework2

During the civil war coffee played an important roll keeping the soldiers “alive” and ready for battle. Although many argue that coffee was probably one of the reasons why the union won the war I don’t believe that coffee should be substitute any food. Coffee was really important in maintaining the soldiers energized but I believe this was all do in part to the fact that the soldiers had a very poor nutrition. Many of these soldiers recognized cooking as a foreign idea that had never really crossed their mind before the war. Coming into the war the soldiers didn’t recognized the importance of having a decent nutritional meal and how much effect it would have on a daily basis. I believe that if the soldiers had good meals the need for coffee wouldn’t be so large. Most of our daily intake energy comes from our diets and depending on our diets, so when a proper diet is not present the need to create energy it’s still existent.

One dish that I will always love is Arroz Chofan (Chow Fan rice), is the Dominican take on Chinese fry rice. This rice contains large number of vegetables and a variety of meats depending on the cook’s choice. What I love about this rice so much is that eating by itself can delivered a large amount flavors and different textures.


Rosa Luciano # HOMEWORK 2

In the articles of “ How coffee fueled the civil war” and “ Civil war cooking: What the union soldiers ate” addressed the lifestyle of eating that soldiers had at war. The soldiers had a bad meal plan and weren’t feed enough although a meal plan was given to them. I think that they weren’t feed enough food for the job that they had as soldiers. Although I think the soldiers weren’t provided much food I also think that during that time there wasn’t a variety of food to offer as there is now. For the soldiers to be able to survive with short meals that they were provided I find them brave. I wouldn’t been able to survive with the food that was provided to the soldiers because I am use to eating in variety and many choices.


The image above shows a plate of tacos, I wouldn’t be able to live without nachos because I actually eat them weekly. I try new ways to eat them because I really enjoy them although they get messy. When I go out to eat at food places I usually try to get nachos to see how they are served in different places.

Homework #2: Food vs Coffee

img_0451If i had to choose between food and coffee I would no doubt choose food. I don’t prefer food because coffee is bad for you. I choose food because there’s so many different types of food to choose from. You can always have something new that you’ve never tasted before when dealing with food. When it come to coffee, there’s not much play room.
After reading the two articles, I understood why coffee was such a huge thing back then. Soldiers weren’t on helauth diets, they lacked energy and they needed something warm to help them through this war. This is where coffe saved the day. They allowed coffee to take over. Coffee became the escape item that made their taste buds dance and had them awake and alert on the battlefield.
However, too much coffee can have you sluggish and lack energy throughout your day. It gives you a few hours of nonstop productivity then you may crash. But for me, I’ll continue to drink coffee in the mornings but I’ll still compose food first.
This is an image of dinner I cooked on Sunday. It’s a mix of shrimp, corn, okra and dumplings in a spicy soup.

Homework #2

I agree that coffee can be addicting but I would choose food over coffee because you don’t necessarily need coffee, whereas you need food to survive. I understand that back then the soldiers needed coffee in their routines because coffee can keep them awake to fight in wars, but coffee doesn’t have proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals like food does. If I had to choose between coffee and food, I would choose coffee because food can satisfy your hunger, coffee can’t. Another reason is that we don’t need coffee to stay awake, tea is a healthier option and it can also keep you awake.

One thing that I enjoy eating is sushi. Sushi can be expensive but they taste really good and they are easy to make. My family used to own a sushi restaurant 13 years ago in Chinatown and I think that is when I started to really enjoy eating sushi.

Homework #2: Civil War soldier’s diet

If I had a choice, I would rather keep food than coffee. Coffee has a long history in the United States. When people are getting more knowledgeable, they start noticing the bad influence of caffeine to our human health. However, by reading the two articles about Civil War soldier’s diet, I can understand their uncontrollable love for coffee. The soldiers were living in a tough environment, the government couldn’t provide the soldiers with enough amount of food or any tasteful food. They live on the battlefield with fear but they couldn’t get enough energy from the lack of food supply. Therefore, the union soldiers put their hopes on coffee to enrich their taste bud and mind. The coffee not only keeps them awake from the tiredness, but also it was the only warm drink that could comfort their minds after coming back from the battlefield. It’s not a choice they willing to make, and also they weren’t having a choice to begin with.

Food is the only real item that can provide nutrition and health to human body. Too much intake of the caffeine can cause problems to the human body. Sometimes people keep on drinking coffee because they lack energy and tiredness continue to hinder the productivity in their jobs. However, the results of caffeine intake put a big burden on the body. If it’s me, I rather eat well, sleep early, and get the full energy to work or study than using coffee as a stimulant for energy.

The image that I post is Korean food. Even though it is just a simple soup with the white rice and two small side dishes, I still cannot live without Korean food in my life because I like the culture a lot.

korean food

Homework #2

Coffee has played a big role in this country, especially back in the early 1800’s. After reading the article, I came to realize how coffee was so important to the  troops; drinking coffee gave soldiers encouragement and strength to keep on going. In the 10th paragraph, I found the part where it said they would consider coffee a weapon pretty funny, because they put their trust so much in this liquid they believed gave them some kind of power to do better. I myself love coffee, it has helped me stay awake when I lack of sleep, it has helped me throughout tough days. If i had to choose between coffee and food, I would pick Food without a second thought; because it would provide me with the nutrients my body needs. I think i wouldn’t be able to  survive just eating  a hardtack as a everyday meal, We need a lot of nutrients to keep ourselves healthy and strong  then again  a hardtack with a nice cup of coffee doesn’t sound that bad too right?


I understand that how important it is for the solider during the war. It was the only thing that can wake them up and focus on war instead of putting their life in danger and not dying, unlike now days they prepare some other healthier foods for the solider. It is hard to give up coffee, you can get addicted to coffee and is hard to live without it. It is not good for your life. I think if I have a choice, I would like to choose food that provides us vitamins, protein and some other healthy things in it. The picture that I posted is Luke’s Lobster under the Brooklyn Bridge.It is one of the best lobster rolls in the area, the crispy of the bread and the lobster is so fresh that you can taste the sea.