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In the poem titled “counterman” we come across a sandwich maker at a deli with an intense indiscernible passion for his job. Although going at a very fast paced the sandwich maker makes sure to carefully listen to each and every single order, while at the same time asking questions that would sued the customers need each customers need. He then comes across a very peculiar customer with an out off the ordinary order. Both inter changed an indescribable amount of terms and expressions that are abnormal to the average person. And in the midst of all the terminology the sandwich maker was able to understand and please the customers order.

This poem reminds me of the duties that we take on as we through the hospitality industry. Like the sandwich maker we must be able to provide with the much-needed attention and care at the fastest paste. And when we come across special cases, the consistency of our delivery should always be the same. Just a small conversation as such as the one that the customer and sandwich maker had, can make a great difference in customer hospitality experience.


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  1. Robert,
    Your refelction on this poem is very interesting and it is good to see that you are able to relate to what you know is an essential skill in our industry.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Prof. G

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