The Counterman Reaction

The poem “The Counterman” was extremely interesting and entertaining to me. I had never heard a poem like that before, so I found it really interesting that a poem was able to tell such a strong story and give vivid imagery. What was most interesting to me was how the author came up with the idea to write a poem about a Deli counterman. I think it is a really creative way to tell a story. Just from reading the poem in my head it is like I can hear all the different voices of the customers. The poem has a different tone and flow as you read through each customer’s order. All the counterman’s lines were short and repetitive which helped give a better sense of how fast and accurate he needs to be at his job.

This poem reminded me of exactly what happens when you go to a Deli in New York. The people behind the counter are always extremely attentive and fast with getting the order ready. This poem reminded me of the bagel store by my house on a Saturday morning. It is so hectic and crowded there. You have to know what you want and how you want it before you even walk into the door otherwise you’ll get lost in the sea of people who are waiting to pick up their food.

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