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First Shoot review

I was enjoying playing around with the layout of my subjects (vegetables, soil, and utensils) at first. The several arrangement I tried on the shooting table looked great with my naked eye, but I had a trouble about the light settings. It was very difficult to make those vegetables look fresh and vivid in NOT artificial light settings.

Marielos Osorio April 29 Shooting

What worked from today’s shooting was the lighting. I like the drama it brings to my headphones campaign idea, which is how important music is for us as to the way we get it; in this case, headphones. What it did not work was the angels because they don’t help towards the concept which is how happy music and listening to it. What I will do differently is to show the product more and it’s features. Maybe I will only have the headphones on the shoot. I will also have more emotions put into the next set of pictures.

Shoot today

Today’s shoot started a little rocky but i feel it ended well. I got some good shots for the first day of shooting. At first the light didn’t work but then we changed it a bit and we got some better photos. We captured the feel of converse I feel. I didn’t use models today but next week i will need them to do the shots that I want.

Thoughts on the shoots – David S

My thoughts of todays shoot is that everything went well. I felt that the set up was pretty easy to mess around with. I felt I got my shots pretty quick, the models did great and I didn’t need to do extra shots to get what I wanted. Next week, I will be using different models but the same lighting and the same set up.

The Shoot went pretty well in my opinion.There were some technicalities that hindered the best possible out come of the photos. The limited space was one of then. I had originally planned for my photos to be full body dramatic lighting shot but  i had to switch to medium shots. They worked better than what i had originally planed in my head. With close ups of Madus ( Tera Cunningham) so this way when i photoshop her hairs and facial features it will be easier. The shot with Aphrodite (Kelly) tuned out well also, she had to get comfortable but when she finally loosened up it all went smoothly.

Final Project J Welch

Topic:  My topic is painting with light. I’ve always loved this style of photography, mostly because of the element of randomness. It’s impossible to know exactly how each picture will turn out.

Subject Matter: I’d like to create portraiture and use long exposures to create streaks of light across the frame.

Style: Moody and kinetic. Dark backgrounds and brilliant bursts of light.

Lighting: I think none, except for the colored lights I will use.

Props: Strings of light, battery powered color-changing light.

Final Project Khyriel Palmer

Topic: My final project would be based on photo manipulation. From my knowledge, there aren’t many african american superheroes in the comic book world. I plan on using african american models portraying known superheroes from the X-men universe. So  this could be a mixture of a public service announcement and a narrative.

Subject Matter: I plan on using Matthew as Night crawler, Barrington as Collsus, Mikhail as Cyclops and Rodney and Agotha (both outside models) as Gambit and Jubilie. Each of them would be posing in a way that would help showcase their powers to help viewers understand who they are with a quick glance.

Style: I’m not quite sure what kind of style I plan on using but my shots will be bust length.

Lighting: The lighting will vary depending on the character.

Props: For Nightcrwaler, there wouldnt be any props. Jubilie the props would be glasses bubblegum and gloves. Cyclops would just be shades, and gambit would be cards. Everyone clothes would be a modern version of the character.

Final Project – Josh Rojas

DRUM_Magazine_Cover 20 years of drumming

For my final project i will be advertising drum products or shooting for a cover on a magazine. I would like to give drumming products a much more interesting look and have them appeal to people who don’t know about drumming or drums. If a go for the magazine cover I want the emotion to be fun and passion. If I shoot the products I want to give some type of mystery. I think I can go with various light setups , I would like to try and shoot myself for the cover since i play drums and can give a much more natural look to the photo.

Final Project- AnaMaria

For the final project I plan on taking provocative dessert photos that I will use in a website that I have about restaurants of NYC. My goal is to make desserts look good as delicious as it tastes. So I guess that the emotion that I want the viewers to feel is desire. I always have felt attracted to this type of food, because it brings automatically a smile on my face; it’s everything about them colors, textures, smells, shapes.

In terms of lighting conditions I am going to use natural light if it’s possible and if not , I probably will use diffuse light with reflectors so it helps bring more definition and clarity to the item or foam board.
I’ll do some shots first ,covering the whole plate from above, 45 degrees and horizontal. Then I am going to use macro lens for details purposes.
I‘m also going to stabilize my camera using a Tripod because I’m planning to have a wide aperture that will help to bring one specific thing in focus in a grouping.
I’ll bring a nice plate, fork and napkin to add to the scene.