Final Project Khyriel Palmer

Topic: My final project would be based on photo manipulation. From my knowledge, there aren’t many african american superheroes in the comic book world. I plan on using african american models portraying known superheroes from the X-men universe. So  this could be a mixture of a public service announcement and a narrative.

Subject Matter: I plan on using Matthew as Night crawler, Barrington as Collsus, Mikhail as Cyclops and Rodney and Agotha (both outside models) as Gambit and Jubilie. Each of them would be posing in a way that would help showcase their powers to help viewers understand who they are with a quick glance.

Style: I’m not quite sure what kind of style I plan on using but my shots will be bust length.

Lighting: The lighting will vary depending on the character.

Props: For Nightcrwaler, there wouldnt be any props. Jubilie the props would be glasses bubblegum and gloves. Cyclops would just be shades, and gambit would be cards. Everyone clothes would be a modern version of the character.

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