First Shoot-Tera Cunningham

The first shoot went ok I guess. I forgot to bring most of my props because I was rushing out but I will have the salt, lime and shot glass next class. I only wish that I got better lighting from the beginning rather than towards the middle/end of my shoot. I was thankful that Matthew was giving me some ideas on how to get the mood that I wanted. I want to shoot on plexiglass next class because I noticed in most patron advertising u get that nice reflection of the bottle on the bottom and would like to incorporate that into my next idea. Also next time I will be using my own filtered water rather than the schools tap water because it produced too many bubbles in the glass and made it look murky. I’m even going to bring and mix juice to make it look like its an actual cocktail in the glass to add variety to what I’m trying to achieve. Also Professor Michals suggested that I try strobe lighting for the next shoot. To see how they will come out.

One thought on “First Shoot-Tera Cunningham

  1. rmichals

    Just by experimenting with the composition, even with few props, you got a good result from the first shoot. That is the traditional way to light glass. Bounce the light onto the background not directly onto the subject.


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