Final Shoot

On the final shoot. I got to do exactly what I wanted and that was to shoot on black plexiglass. The only thing I wish I didnt get  was camera problems. I was given a really old camera so I had to learn how to set it up. Then I was having issues with the lighting but that was an easy fix. Then the camera wouldnt focus so I had to use manual. Which was harder because wut looked clear to my eye, was blurry on screen. All in after all the problems I had, I got some of my best shots on the last day. The plexiglass did exactly what I was hoping for and they were my favorite shots. Towards the end I started working with gels and got a beautiful green colored photo. I got the silhouettes I was looking for but not to the extent of what I wanted. My weakness was lighting and trying to figure out the right aperture. I feel that took the most time for me to figure out and costed me most of my shooting time. My strength I honestly can not think of because I felt like I needed help in every aspect except for setting up the objects.  But I can say majority of my best was from the final shoot because I had so much trial and error. So I already knew what I was looking for and didnt have to jump so many hurdles.

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