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third shoot

I was not able to take any shots this day for two reasons. One was that all of the shoot areas were taken up and the other was that I needed to put more time in to the Photoshop part because I was having is sure with skin textures but then fixed it after awhile.

second shoot

Well the idea was to get a side portrait profile and a back shot. I had a problem trying to get both because one model ended up being a model with other people at the moment I needed the subject so I didn’t want to bother her. The other model, was actually pretty tough to choose because I didn’t know who would be able to do a bare back shot as in taking their shirt off. I found a model that came in for another person that was will to show her bare back with no problem. I think the shots I got of her were great and I don’t there was a better model for it. Today was more of an success than a failure.

Final Shoot Day 3

During the last class of shooting I got to shoot first so I had a lot of time to get everything just right. We played around with the different lighting to see which one came on the best the grid gave really harsh shadows the light box we tried after helped out a little but it still wasn’t what I was going for. The umbrella did the job the best with the addition of the reflector the portraits came out near perfect. The only thing I wish I had tried was adding a hair light even though in my final piece I didn’t want the hair to be seen completely, I am curious to see how it would of came out.

Final Shoot Day 2

During the second class, I was so busy helping other people and being a model or holding the reflector for certain groups I didn’t get the opportunity to correct my photos, there was only 15 mins left in the class and I didn’t want to rush my shoot. So next week I was up to shoot first

Final Shoot Day 1

During the first shoot I thought my pictures came out fine, but I didn’t even notice the harsh shadows around the nose area. That was do to the positioning of the the man light it needed to be placed at a 45 degree angle and brought down a little also I had to add the reflector to help eliminate some of the shadow.

Final Project Day 3

During my third and final shoot, everything went well. I had my models arrive on time, the set up was great and i already had poses ready for them to do to speed up my production. I had to rush and shoot 4 models though because of lack of time but overall i think i did well in executing the photo shoot. Last thing i needed to do now was work on the photoshop aspect of my project

Final Project Day 2

During the second shoot, I had help with the lighting and my models. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my images with me so I didn’t have anything to post for day 2. With that being said, I still feel as if i had a successful outcome even though i had to re-shoot the following week.

Final Shoot – Light Painting

For my final shoot, I was fairly pleased with the quality of the images I got.  Joseph and Josh were my models, and I was able to have them interact with the light in new and interesting ways. Joseph brought a more dramatic feel to the pictures because of his facial expressions and body movements, and the shots greatly benefited as a result.

I wish I had more time to push it even further, because I feel that towards the end I was only just starting to get the effects I wanted, but I loved this project so much that I really want to keep experimenting with this effect.

Second Shoot

For the second shoot, I was able to take 2 portraits. It took more time than expected to do the face paint, find the best suitable lighting and positioning for the model. The challenge during this shoot was having limited time and the facial expressions I needed to compliment the face art. After several attempts, I was able to capture successful shots of Tera and Yoshiko. Even thought Yoshiko was not looking directly into the camera, her facial expression and position of her face made the portrait just as powerful.

Third shoot

In the third shoot, it went by quickly due to the fact of studio time but I managed to take few shots of Antonio. He is also will be on the cover of the magazine. I used the white backdrop to give an contrast of his clothing that he was wearing. I used the softbox to give that smooth lighting on him and also used fill light. The model felt comfortable throughout the whole process and I have gotten good photos at the end.