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Final Shoot Day 3

During the last class of shooting I got to shoot first so I had a lot of time to get everything just right. We played around with the different lighting to see which one came on the best the grid gave really harsh shadows the light box we tried after helped out a little but it still wasn’t what I was going for. The umbrella did the job the best with the addition of the reflector the portraits came out near perfect. The only thing I wish I had tried was adding a hair light even though in my final piece I didn’t want the hair to be seen completely, I am curious to see how it would of came out.

Final Shoot Day 2

During the second class, I was so busy helping other people and being a model or holding the reflector for certain groups I didn’t get the opportunity to correct my photos, there was only 15 mins left in the class and I didn’t want to rush my shoot. So next week I was up to shoot first

Final Shoot Day 1

During the first shoot I thought my pictures came out fine, but I didn’t even notice the harsh shadows around the nose area. That was do to the positioning of the the man light it needed to be placed at a 45 degree angle and brought down a little also I had to add the reflector to help eliminate some of the shadow.

FINAL Portrait manipulation

For my final project I plan on taking portrait photos cropped in only on the face from the forehead to the chin of multiple people, I would like to have a male and female and different people with different ethnic backgrounds. Then after I want to manipulate these photos to make them seem like they are not from this world, sort of like a creature from the movie avatar. I think this would be a great peice for my portfolio because it would show that I can take great portrait shots and use good lighting and show off my photoshop skills. Also I think it would be good that all the shots I use would show diversity and not the same kind of portrait over and over. In the end show the before and after.


In the poem “she being brand” by e.e. cummings, it talks about a young man who is driving through Boston who doesn’t have much experience with driving car. The car so happens to be  a metaphor for sex and possible lost of virginity for someone.  At first that mans seems flusterd and unsure of what he is doing, which is the case sometimes when it comes to sexual interactions with certain males especially virgins. He then seems to be getting the hang of the car, which can be translated that he finally is getting comfortable interacting sexual with the female. Towards the end, he gets the car going faster and then brings it to a a end, which is a metaphor for the climax. You can tell this by the structure of the poem which is really unique. The way the poem is broken apart into pieces and then clumps together and speeds up faster closer to the end is a representation of the acting of having sex.

In the poem “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine it talks about how horrible the Detroit community is  during that time dealing with race relations in a racially divided a major manufacturing place at this time and how the Rouge River is a iron grey because of the run off from the Ford Rouge Factory. This poem takes on a different tonality, with different feeling and different sounds.

HW 1

Joseph Satoo

COMD 3530

Photographer: Dana Neilbert

Campaign: Homewood Suites

Agency: Scot Crooker, Creative Director

The intended message of this campaign is to repay troops and their families for all the moments they missed serving their country. They feel obliged to serve active troops and retired military by offering them a 15% discount at Homewood Suites by Hilton a hotel booking company.

The photographer communicates that message by selecting a series that have to deal with couples family and or home shots such as moving into a new house, walking on the beach, teaching your child to ride a bike, cheering your child on during their game and having dinner with the family. Basic things that people do on a daily basis but things that active troops are currently missing out on and retired militaryhave missed.

The photographer takes it a step further to communicate with even more with active troops and retired military and their families by replacing a member of the family in the shot with someone in the service. Not only does the photographer replace them with a picture of someone in the military who is dressed in military gear. He goes even further to make it look like they belonged in the picture (which of course they did) by incorporating certain gestures of the troops and angling them in certain positions which happens to be pure genius if you ask me.

I a hundred percent believe that this campaign is in the category of mirrors. They are so many emotions involved with this campaign, from joy of a timeless moment that you could never witness again, to the reality of actually missing that moment.  Enjoying simple moments like eating dinner with your family is something that isn’t an option for troops who are deployed and also being there to witness your child’s first time riding a bike or watching your child play in a game are things that bring a lot of emotion out.

The Creative DirectorScot Crooker and the photography Dana Neilbert did an excellent job with this campaign, even though I believe giving the troops and retired military and their families 15% off isn’t enough for all they did for our country I would say this campaign is very successful.




Crewdson- Mirror


This photo by Crewdson is more of a mirror. It shows a disappointed girl who is dressed only in her underwear and she has her head down. We can infer that she is ashamed or embarrassed because of that. Also the “mothers” face has a serious stern emotion, and if that isn’t enough we can feel a sense of disappointment and or shock because the “mother” has dropped a grocery bag. The “sisters” eyes are the piercing and the half naked female.


My interpretation of this photo is that the mother left to go get groceries and when she’s getting out the car she catches her daughter doing something that is inappropriate and is upset and shocked. This has is more of a romantic feel. Showing a lot of feeling.



Winogrand- Window


This photo by Winogrand is more of a window. Its showing you a child in a driveway whose bicycle has fallen onto its side. It’s hard to exactly see the child’s emotion but they almost seem unconcern because their head is turned away from the bike. The background of the child is mostly dark we can see another child in the picture but the main focus of this image I believe it the first child. I say this because the contrast of the child compared to the background. The child really stands out and is almost glowing. I find this picture to be sort of depressing because of the way that it is taken. The house seems to be isolated as if it’s the only house around and there seems to be nothing but dirt and mountains around. Also it seems as if a storm is brewing and about to take place. It leaves the viewer with a more realist interpretation. What you see if what you get.


From viewing this picture what I believed happen is that the kids where outside playing, they see a storm coming they drop everything and run inside for shelter.


Susan Sontag uses the metaphor of Plato’s cave to describe the role of photography in contemporary life by stating that photography has become how we view things. Susan Sontag doesn’t seem to talk too highly of photography she claims that it can alter and enlarge our notions. I believe that  this means when viewing photographs we can easily be convinced by the photographer to see things the way they did and  not seeing it for the way it actually was. Also that photography has become something everlasting. She compares it to movies and telivison programs that light up the walls, flicker and go out, but photogrpaghy the images are actually objects that you can keep with you, and are easy to produce. It is strange because one min she is talking highly of photography the next she kind of giving you a warning and telling you to be careful.