HW 1

Joseph Satoo

COMD 3530

Photographer: Dana Neilbert

Campaign: Homewood Suites

Agency: Scot Crooker, Creative Director


The intended message of this campaign is to repay troops and their families for all the moments they missed serving their country. They feel obliged to serve active troops and retired military by offering them a 15% discount at Homewood Suites by Hilton a hotel booking company.

The photographer communicates that message by selecting a series that have to deal with couples family and or home shots such as moving into a new house, walking on the beach, teaching your child to ride a bike, cheering your child on during their game and having dinner with the family. Basic things that people do on a daily basis but things that active troops are currently missing out on and retired militaryhave missed.

The photographer takes it a step further to communicate with even more with active troops and retired military and their families by replacing a member of the family in the shot with someone in the service. Not only does the photographer replace them with a picture of someone in the military who is dressed in military gear. He goes even further to make it look like they belonged in the picture (which of course they did) by incorporating certain gestures of the troops and angling them in certain positions which happens to be pure genius if you ask me.

I a hundred percent believe that this campaign is in the category of mirrors. They are so many emotions involved with this campaign, from joy of a timeless moment that you could never witness again, to the reality of actually missing that moment.  Enjoying simple moments like eating dinner with your family is something that isn’t an option for troops who are deployed and also being there to witness your child’s first time riding a bike or watching your child play in a game are things that bring a lot of emotion out.

The Creative DirectorScot Crooker and the photography Dana Neilbert did an excellent job with this campaign, even though I believe giving the troops and retired military and their families 15% off isn’t enough for all they did for our country I would say this campaign is very successful.

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