Crewdson- Mirror


This photo by Crewdson is more of a mirror. It shows a disappointed girl who is dressed only in her underwear and she has her head down. We can infer that she is ashamed or embarrassed because of that. Also the “mothers” face has a serious stern emotion, and if that isn’t enough we can feel a sense of disappointment and or shock because the “mother” has dropped a grocery bag. The “sisters” eyes are the piercing and the half naked female.


My interpretation of this photo is that the mother left to go get groceries and when she’s getting out the car she catches her daughter doing something that is inappropriate and is upset and shocked. This has is more of a romantic feel. Showing a lot of feeling.



Winogrand- Window


This photo by Winogrand is more of a window. Its showing you a child in a driveway whose bicycle has fallen onto its side. It’s hard to exactly see the child’s emotion but they almost seem unconcern because their head is turned away from the bike. The background of the child is mostly dark we can see another child in the picture but the main focus of this image I believe it the first child. I say this because the contrast of the child compared to the background. The child really stands out and is almost glowing. I find this picture to be sort of depressing because of the way that it is taken. The house seems to be isolated as if it’s the only house around and there seems to be nothing but dirt and mountains around. Also it seems as if a storm is brewing and about to take place. It leaves the viewer with a more realist interpretation. What you see if what you get.


From viewing this picture what I believed happen is that the kids where outside playing, they see a storm coming they drop everything and run inside for shelter.

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