Susan Sontag uses the metaphor of Plato’s cave to describe the role of photography in contemporary life by stating that photography has become how we view things. Susan Sontag doesn’t seem to talk too highly of photography she claims that it can alter and enlarge our notions. I believe that  this means when viewing photographs we can easily be convinced by the photographer to see things the way they did and  not seeing it for the way it actually was. Also that photography has become something everlasting. She compares it to movies and telivison programs that light up the walls, flicker and go out, but photogrpaghy the images are actually objects that you can keep with you, and are easy to produce. It is strange because one min she is talking highly of photography the next she kind of giving you a warning and telling you to be careful.


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  1. rmichals

    You capture Sontag’s underlying sentiment exactly. Photography is not meant to be trusted, just as the people in Plato’s Cave should not trust the shadows on the wall.


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