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Final Project

I think this project helped me have a better understanding of advertising photography. I learned a lot about lighting, angles, etc. I consider my weakness in my second shooting was the lighting, but this third shooting improved considerably. Use colored paper to give a more provocative sense and capture textures and shapes of different desserts. I took pictures at an angle of 45 degrees above them to achieve depth. Also I experiment more with the positions of these and their reflections. consider that textures of the desserts had a strong impact on this shooting.
It was a big challenge to take something common, and make it look spectacular.

Second Shooting

The second shooting was a challenge, after having arranged the lights in different positions I realized they were very strong for the subject that it was portraying. Apart from that ,I had an inconvenience with the product shape. Despite all these mishaps, I reaffirm my knowledge in lighting .Especially as for desserts, I learned what kind of those could work better in this type of ambience to be kept intact and provocative in photo session.

First shoot

The shoot went welI for the first day . what I think it worked was the shallow depth of field on the subject. What it didn’t was definitely the lighting and the layout of the desserts. The variety of colors make the pictures look more interesting , I think that I’m going to take advantage of it. For the next class, I will bring more props to decorate the plate so it’ll look more professional.

Final Project- AnaMaria

For the final project I plan on taking provocative dessert photos that I will use in a website that I have about restaurants of NYC. My goal is to make desserts look good as delicious as it tastes. So I guess that the emotion that I want the viewers to feel is desire. I always have felt attracted to this type of food, because it brings automatically a smile on my face; it’s everything about them colors, textures, smells, shapes.

In terms of lighting conditions I am going to use natural light if it’s possible and if not , I probably will use diffuse light with reflectors so it helps bring more definition and clarity to the item or foam board.
I’ll do some shots first ,covering the whole plate from above, 45 degrees and horizontal. Then I am going to use macro lens for details purposes.
I‘m also going to stabilize my camera using a Tripod because I’m planning to have a wide aperture that will help to bring one specific thing in focus in a grouping.
I’ll bring a nice plate, fork and napkin to add to the scene.

Trip Description, Final Project Description and Career Goal – AnaMaria Saenz

Final Project and Career Goals

After I graduate I would like to work, in any company that requires updating or design for their web pages. It doesn’t have to be a company of design, such as:
The New York Times, Thomson Reuters, etc.
The idea would be, that my portfolio show my photography skills. And can present a story or a product successfully to the public.
About the project, I thought of showing the public ; the paintings of a friend which will be published on a website. On which I am working on.It is going to showcase the talents of students around the world.

The Chinese Photobook

I’m really surprised how the government (Communist) controls the media. In this case the photos that were divulge. All trying to sell a good image of Mao Tse-Tung , such as charismatic as he was; his favoritism towards the village. etc. The photographer obviously showed him smiling, sharing; finally as a friendly person, also as a leader. From a low level view point the photographer tried to empower him with this angle.
Another thing I seemed curious, was how the Chinese government used a “magazine” between people of the same government. To put them all up to date, as what this wanted such as: when they were selling the idea of agriculture. From idea and how easy that they made it seem, with smiling people without fatigue.
Another thing that caught my attention was, how the Japanese government showed the friendly face of war; with soldiers smiling and saying goodbye to their families. They were going to this, when in fact the war was not, if no a waste of blood and suffering for all the people.

Second Exhibition

Jimmy Nelson, exhibition seemed to me spectacular; must be because I like photojournalism. The portraits that he took from all indigenes around the world, I found spectacular . He clearly presented the different cultures to the society, so we had a general idea and remind us of them. All typical costumes, decorations and colors represent something of the tribe. As well as their social position, also those imposing landscapes that he capture in his photos; such as the lush jungle with waterfalls and rivers made his work wonderful.

Third Exhibition

The NYPL Exhibition, public eye caught my attention; the work of Eadweard Muybridge. Since for the time they were taken seems very wasteful work, and interesting . This photo 360 degree panorama , of San Francisco gives the feeling of freedom. As it is not restricted by measures, of conventional photos and the overhead view; you always wonder ” what lies beyond the edge?” and the answer is plenty. definitely unleash the imagination..

jimmi nelson

e.e cummings- AnaMaria

The two poems is about cars. In the first poem , the driver treats the car as if it were a woman. the poem is a little intense for example: ” avenue i touched the acceleterator and give her the juice, good it “that was agood example of peaks that you can find out in this poem. Also the driver treats his car like if it were alive, well after of that emotional description that he gave us I am sure that he think it is.

In the second poem the author describes his homecoming.
It’s a bit cold, without much emotion, describes a materialized town like :”On sleds inn the false sun the new material rests. One brown child stares and stares into your frozen eyes until the light change and you go forward to work” it is little gray, dark dull .

Vanitas – (AnaMaria)

Rachel Ruysch used a simile to represent life and death in her painting called fruits and insects, putting juicy fruits and its maximum splendor normally invites to consume . Fruits and eggs represent life and birth in contrast to the danger of death when is close. For example the butterfly trying to stands on the table at the same time it senses the death that in this case is represented by a salamander, that is attentive to devour the butterfly.It should emphasize her great capacity of observation for details in her painting.

The Jan Van Huysum still life painting vase with flowers use flowers with a lot of detail. He also uses eggs in a nest and a little boy naked running in the background to represent birth . Using contrary colors he brings harmony to his still life painting.

Hector Rene’s pictures are inspired by Vanitas. He belonged to the United States Armed Forces and had the opportunity to see the two realities at once life and death. Some of the photos have a Christian connotation as when the soldier holds the child with one hand and in the other holds flowers that seems carnations, this photo is very similar to a Christian painting with child Jesus. In another picture Rene makes a simile of death of jesus .but in this case the one who is holding the death person is a soldier.

Lifeproof Galaxy S5 campaign- AnaMaria

Lifeproof Galaxy S5 Caked campaign by Tim Tadder

The primary meaning of the images of the lifeproof galaxy s5 campaign is on how effective the lifeproof cases are when is time to protect cellphones in extreme conditions; they comply fully with their homework. The photographer use images of people practicing extreme sports like kayaking, mountain biking, surfing and adventure motorcycle to signify the effectiveness of cases under extreme conditions. Very provocative images suggest buying the kits as they serve in all fields, the campaign has an air of defiance since the photos incite viewers to dare to take their cellphones around the world without being afraid that something might happen to them.

The campaign is very Colorful, see how the individual or model always maintained in every photo in the center over a portion of the field in which practice their extreme sport, that with the mood to give the viewer an idea of the environment which the case would be exposed.
The photographer use directional-diffused light for a touch of naturalness to photos, notice also how he gives a luminous circle around the subject to highlight the background. All the pictures are frontal shots and eye level.

The campaign’s photos are mirrors, as they convey a message that has been previously designed and which is a personal interpretation of the reality of the photographer and his team in which there are feelings to be transmitted. For instance, in the first picture we see the photograph conveys the idea of adventure, exploration, risk, through the sportswear and the scene. You can also appreciate the model with his helmet, life jacket, oars. Besides the stage shows the natural environment where the sport is developed such as: river rapids and waterfalls, which gives a sensation of speed, adrenaline. Also stones in the bottom of the river gives you a sense of danger, anything could happen in this sport. Another thing are animals circulating around gives the feeling of wildlife in which you would be exposed, nature itself powerful and of respect.
In the second picture also shows how the sludge is enemy number one of cellphones and the one that you see often in this sport of mountaineering cycle. The photographer continues with the same setup across the campaign, the model in the center, strong colors making allusion to nature ;etc.
In the third photo the same, the danger that seawater might cause to cellphones and how these would be safe using the cases.
And the last photo the serious enemies would be the dust and mud which would be isolated once again for the fabulous lifeproof cases.

Throughout the campaign shows the possible natural factors which would ruin a cellphone ,but thanks to the cases which give the feeling of security and confidence towards phones ,as these would be safe in all weather conditions as just demonstrate.
Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.39.16 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.39.23 AM

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.39.32 AM
Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.39.07 AM

Mirrors and Windows

I think that Crewdson’s photo can be defined metaphorically speaking as a mirror; since there are emotions that the author want them to be expressed through the photo such as:the embarrassment that we see in the girl that is almost naked. if we notice it , Crewdson use a lot of darkness around of the subject trying to pointed her out.

The Winogrand photo is the windows since it shows the reality of the moment; he didn’t manipulate the scene for this photo, it was a moment that he captured.