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Final Project- AnaMaria

For the final project I plan on taking provocative dessert photos that I will use in a website that I have about restaurants of NYC. My goal is to make desserts look good as delicious as it tastes. So I guess that the emotion that I want the viewers to feel is desire. I always have felt attracted to this type of food, because it brings automatically a smile on my face; it’s everything about them colors, textures, smells, shapes.

In terms of lighting conditions I am going to use natural light if it’s possible and if not , I probably will use diffuse light with reflectors so it helps bring more definition and clarity to the item or foam board.
I’ll do some shots first ,covering the whole plate from above, 45 degrees and horizontal. Then I am going to use macro lens for details purposes.
I‘m also going to stabilize my camera using a Tripod because I’m planning to have a wide aperture that will help to bring one specific thing in focus in a grouping.
I’ll bring a nice plate, fork and napkin to add to the scene.