App Review 1: Pinterest



Pinterest which is a social media visual sharing site and platform. As you can choose any topic you are interested in, like makeup, travel, recipes, fashion, art design or something.


Also, you can create a different category of the board to save your favorite pieces of images you like, forward to somebody, or even follow the users which you want to follow. And even create your pin to share with somebody.

As I am a communication design student, this was a nice tool for me, which helped me to find inspiration that developed in my work. Also, you can save your favorite images, videos on your board or download on the phone.

Once I click one of those from my board, there are numerous images I saved before. As you can easily seek different images you saved it.

This was my favorite app when I figured out my work, and easy to organize your favorite piece of images.




Parsons CD Lecture Series: Carly Ayres

After that, I went to a Carly series lecture on the same day. The event that I was found last night on, which holds my attention because Parsons CD Lecture Series invites designers with a unique perspective on practices and shares their experience in the work but also their way of the work. Carly Ayres, who was one of the invited designers in this lecture series. She was a writer and creative director based in New York and a founder of 100sUnder100, which is a community of hundreds of creative people under a hundred years of age. In addition, She’s given voices to Fortune 500 companies & chatbots alike and writes on design, as well as a slew of other things. From this lecture, I have learned that building a relationship is very important in our life. People you meet are part of our life, like classmates, friends, teachers, even strangers. Good interpersonal relationships can promote information sharing between people. In general, relationships make it easier for you to start a business, also it was an impetus to push you to success.

Seventh Journal: Big Project

After finishing the poster, I started doing the same task with my partner. The upcoming would be a busy week, in which we worked for almost 20 hours. On the first day of the week, we were going to design a couple of versions of the postcard for a student experience survey. This was a big challenge to us because we never did this before, however, we researched information and a bunch of postcard designs to find inspiration to develop in our design. Later, we had a small group meeting with my supervisor and director. We shared our own ideas of visual postcards and discussed each other. They chose my idea and told me it should be changed to be another color. After the meeting, Isana dragged Brooklyn College brand guidelines on each person’s laptop and suggested that the color use the secondary colors. Therefore, we continue to work on postcards.

On Thursday, Isana printed the list for us and pointed out what we should do in detail, which included two postcards, two posters, one big banner, and three boards. My partner and I have assigned different tasks because of time limits. Almost at the end of the day, we finished all the drafts about this project. But unfortunately, the client changed her mind and we should redesign the whole thing because all designs should be kept in the same style. And Isana made sure that we can continue the work tomorrow. We tried to learn some new skills from YouTube like making splash ink in Adobe Illustrator. 

On the last day of this week, we prepared the whole thing for this project. At the meeting, we showed us our works and they were satisfied with it. I realized that was a great opportunity to learn even though we need to redo the whole thing.

Previous Versions:



New Versions:






Sixth Journal: The MSCHE Symposium Poster

On the second day of the internship, we got a new project which is a poster for “2020 The Cuny Middle States Council Presents: Msche Symposium” instead of handbook cover. The design is also similar to the handbook cover, a simple layout with an abstract graphic background. Isana showed us the previous interns’ work, the pdf files come with different colors with the same version for 2019. For this project, we should come up with 5 versions at a limited time because Isana had a meeting. She chose 3 pieces of artwork from each person before we left.


During the next week, Isana told me they picked my first version of the poster as their favorite. I am excited they chose my design, and Isana explained to me where I needed to fix it. Therefore, I am still working on a poster and my partner assigned to start the new project.

This was the final poster version:

Fifth Journal: My First day

The first project we are going to design two book covers, one was the AES assessment handbook which for the registered office, learning center and the number of students attending the event that link to the budget. Another one was the General Education Assessment Workbook which for students to access their goal and make strategies to fulfill the College’s mission. My supervisor showed us the example of the previous design they used and explained to us the client’s demands. The client demands the size was 8.5 x 11 inches, the design gonna use an abstract graphic background, and for the color which is based on the Brooklyn College’s logo, “maroon”. After that, we started working on our first project. We should have six versions of each book cover, the first step we are going to sketch out our ideas for the cover and communicate with a partner which can improve the work looks better, and the second step was to create the visual book cover. At a specific time, our supervisor would take a look at our design and provide some suggestions and show us where it should be fixed. The biggest challenge for this project was the color limited and must use a graphic background as the cover, no images. I hope I can brainstorm more ideas for this project and work better.

Here were my designs:



Forth Journal: Workplace Environment

The first day I started my internship, I got three minutes late and felt nervous. I was wearing casual clothing and got to the IE Brooklyn College Office at 9 o’clock. When I stepped into the office, I noticed that our office doesn’t have a dress code. In this office, this was an open work area, also there is a conference room and comes with a long table in the middle. And we should bring our own laptop to the office when we work because the office does not come with a device. Normally, Isana who is my supervisor and she was sitting in front of us to work on her own business like paperwork or something, and my classmate FengYi who is another intern, there were only three of us in the office. My supervisor worked here for 8 hours or less. I usually go to the office on Monday and Thursdays at 9 AM and work for 6 hours per day. If you want to work more hours you can come early. In addition, we got a 30-minute lunch break. The schedule is very flexible.

Third Journal: The IE office Brooklyn College

I was recently hired by IE Office Brooklyn College to be their intern. This institution is located at Brooklyn College campus. The Brooklyn College Office of the Provost for Institutional Effectiveness aims to process to plan and make strategies to fulfill the College’s mission. The office’s main client would be students who are looking for what they are doing, how they are doing, and how to make it better to meet their goal. The office is a key tool to help students in the path of success.  Honestly, I am excited to join their team and develop my skills and knowledge.

Here’s a link to all two websites:

Second Journal: The Interview

This was my first time having an in-person interview and I felt nervous. I make sure everything is perfect before the interview, like the cover letter, resume, and portfolio works. Also, I did some research about the interview general question they might ask. 

On that day of the interview, I came early before the interview started, so I waited outside and reviewed again for the interview questions. At 11 o’clock, I walked into the office, I saw Isana who was one of the interview staff, and she asked me some general questions. When I prepared to respond to the question, another staff member came in. Isana asked me the same question, I have realized that the interview question I prepared last night was totally different. She asked me “Who is my professor in communication design class, is professor Davis?” I said yes, and she told me that they worked together before. 

Interview questions they asked:

  • Do you have html / css experience?
  • Do you know how to use excel?
  • Do you use Indesign or other software?

Then, they moved over and discussed with each other about my portfolio works. Also, they showed their previous works and described the job profile for me in detail. After that, Isana asked me my preferred schedule and let me come here on February 24. Finally, I got hired and I felt excited I have this opportunity to work for them, and which can enhance my skills and knowledge.

First Journal: Job search

This Spring semester was the beginning of my career. It was a rush time to seek a job because I have to update my resume and put more portfolio works on the website. I am worried that I don’t have enough time to find a position. After that, I have looked for different job websites, like Indeed, Glassdoor, professor Tanya Goetz’s dashboard. I tried to send out many applications and resumes that applied for a Web Design position or any kind of job related to Design.

I have found one internship at IE Office Brooklyn College.  The professor Tanya Goetz showed us the information about this job opportunity in class before I applied for it. I think that will be a great opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge. I emailed them with my resume and cover letter to tell them I am interested in this position. On the same day, they kept in touch with me soon and scheduled an interview meet at the Brooklyn College campus.

ICP_Free Exhibition Tour


The International Photography Center (ICP) is one of the world’s leading photographic agencies dedicated to the practice and exploration of various forms of photography.

I scrolled and looked at various events posted on the dashboard. When I clicked on this webpage, I decided to go on Friday, February 21. This was the first one I attended, it was a great experience and I’m glad I participated in it. In this event, I was led by ICP staff. They were joyful to share their thoughts and explained each piece of artwork in detail.

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