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Parsons CD Lecture Series: Carly Ayres

After that, I went to a Carly series lecture on the same day. The event that I was found last night on, which holds my attention because Parsons CD Lecture Series invites designers with a unique perspective on practices and shares their experience in the work but also their way of the work. Carly Ayres, who was one of the invited designers in this lecture series. She was a writer and creative director based in New York and a founder of 100sUnder100, which is a community of hundreds of creative people under a hundred years of age. In addition, She’s given voices to Fortune 500 companies & chatbots alike and writes on design, as well as a slew of other things. From this lecture, I have learned that building a relationship is very important in our life. People you meet are part of our life, like classmates, friends, teachers, even strangers. Good interpersonal relationships can promote information sharing between people. In general, relationships make it easier for you to start a business, also it was an impetus to push you to success.

ICP_Free Exhibition Tour


The International Photography Center (ICP) is one of the world’s leading photographic agencies dedicated to the practice and exploration of various forms of photography.

I scrolled and looked at various events posted on the dashboard. When I clicked on this webpage, I decided to go on Friday, February 21. This was the first one I attended, it was a great experience and I’m glad I participated in it. In this event, I was led by ICP staff. They were joyful to share their thoughts and explained each piece of artwork in detail.

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