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Blue Exhibition at Nassau County Museum of Art

The painting below from the Nassau Museum of Art’s Virtual Exhibit “Blue” caught my attention was HanQin’s work which is called “Ethereal Evolution 1”. I think that would be a nice work because she uses cyanotype enough in a fascinating way. As you can see, the outline of the hands and silky hair is sharply described, while the shape of the body seems like snow was melting. Also, the hand in the middle, which is mostly highlighted with cyanotype that is in sharp contrast with the other hands in the painting. I think that this is the key to the work’s attraction and which makes me feel like I am one of the people dancing in this painting.

Another piece of artwork also from Exhibit “Bule”, the style of painting was totally different. Roy Lichtenstein is one of the foremost pop artists and he brings his works to display in the Nassau County Museum of Art. This piece of painting is part of the “Roy Lichtenstein: Between Sea and Sky”, it captures the shade of sky and sea and mainly uses blue color as a primary color. The shade of the surface of the sea rippled gently which seems like the feeling in your heart. And the soul of this painting was the wave in front of the moon,  and he uses the dots as elements that stand out in his style of painting. See the image below.

The Huxley Guida to Switzerland, which was created by Christopher Winter, I think that would be a nice piece too. The artist uses different colors of blue that make the image a nice match. The position of the two persons with close eyes facing down the mountain, it looks like they have the sense to feel they are really standing there. Also, two persons with a short hair cut that looks like the same person, and the person with a pink dress which is another aspect of the mind of the person on the left side. After that, I have researched the artworks related to this artist display in another gallery, called “Edelman Arts”. And I have found that other pieces are also attractive.