Eleventh Journal: Self Evaluate

As I am working at IE Office Brooklyn College which is a nice experience for me and I am thankful for this opportunity. Since I started working here on the first day, every project and challenge that taught me a lot. In addition, I am aware that communicating with team members is the most important part because we can share ideas and thoughts with each other that makes me find the path where I am. 

Personally, I felt I have done all my best in each project. Also, I found that this experience has changed me in many ways because some skills in adobe illustrator I never used before like a splash ink tool, and I tried to view different videos and learned how to achieve this effect that develop my project. When I see the clients feel happy with the designs that push me hard working. In addition, working with others makes me find my way and improves my conversation skills as well as. I have benefited a lot from this opportunity and thankful that I have a chance to join their team.

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