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AIGA Webinar

Today, I joined the AIGA webinar and the event started at 2:30 pm. The webinar is AIGA and IIT Institute of Design created a resource hub that helps people who are seeking jobs amidst COVID-19. This webinar is available for everyone, whether you’re a job seeker, freelance designer, educator, student, business owner, or a creative looking for inspiration. The professional members of hub which provide their tips for job seekers, job search strategy recommendations, and information about how companies are working through recruiting at this time. 

Diane Domeyer who is Executive Director of The Creative Group, and gave tips to the designers when seeking a job. She mentions that designers should be thinking about where the opportunities are, and keep a consumer mindset like how that experience you have and what companies or industries you are doing well. I totally agree with what she said because we should find our suitable position that develops our value in that way. From this webinar, I learned a lot and was happy to join it.

Ninth Journal: IRDA logo

After a few weeks, we got feedback for the logo, they picked my IRDA logo, but there should be a change to the logo. 

For this logo:

Sana said it should remove the arrow. Instead, put a white trend line above the bars. The line should be similar to the gray line here, but white and above the bars:

Also, Isana told us all of the logos should come with the black and white version, which is black letters, white background; white letters, black background. And Brooklyn College above “Office of…” on the long logo version; Brooklyn College below the letters in the short version.

After I fixed, Isana told me that when the figures are black and white, the “A” seems to be melting into the bar, and outline the part of the letter “A” that is overlapping the bar so that it is clear where the letter ends.

The final draft of the IRDA logo:

Eighth Journal: Distance working

Brooklyn College is closed because of Coronavirus disease, therefore my internship switched to online for the remainder of this semester. So for this week, my supervisor sent us instructions via email and shared the Dropbox file that ensured all of the work should be uploaded there. Today’s assignment is to design the logo for the office, which is called “Office of Educational Research and Assessment” or “ERA” for short. They would like two versions of the logo, one with the full name, one with the short acronym. Moreover, they would like to see 5 versions for each of those, and the long name and short name of the logo should come in pairs, so 5 themes,  total is 10 logos. Later, Isana has a link under the email, and let us look at the City Tech Assessment website (AIRE) for an idea of the logo style they like, but make sure to use Brooklyn College imagery or colors as inspiration instead of City Tech.

Below was the example of AIRE logo

And below was my designs of ERA logo

In the next week, we continue working logos Monday and Thursday. My supervisor would like to see five more versions of the ERA logo. In addition, we still need to design 10 logos for the Office of Institutional Research and Data Analysis (IRDA) and 10 logos for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE). The three offices are related to each other, so there should be some similarities in the logos. Also, Isana showed an example for us to explore more ideas. The example list below:


Therefore, based on the example and I used the background in my logo designs. 


On Thursday, we got feedback for logos, they picked the first one of ERA and IRDA and based on these ideas to develop 5 logos for each one, and IE still needed to work. After that, we got a meeting at 2:00 – 3:00. There were 13 participants and we discussed each other, I think that would be a great experience to learn how to have communication with others. 

There was the second draft of the IE and IRDA logos:



App Review 2: No Waste

I got a senior project class this spring semester, my project is to create a platform which helps our urban communities to waste less and end hunger. Therefore, I downloaded a different app about food management to find inspiration. No Waste is one of the applications that attract my attention.

No Waste which is a platform for people to reduce food waste, get an overview of food items and expiration dates from their freezer, fridge, or even a pantry. This is a simple and clean layout that makes it easy to use.


As you can select different categories that you want to add food items to the list, when you tap the plus button in the small container pops up which includes enter food to the list that you select, scan barcodes, and scan receipt.


Once I tap enter food and there show previous food I add before, below have a suggested list that you can select, also you can type the food item name that you want to add. After completing one of those, you can modify the expiration date, quantity, and set amount. Lastly, tap “add”, however, the food item will automatically be put in your category.


In the other section, when you tap the small house button on the bottom and a statistic that shows the community’s food is eaten or expired. As you tap “Our effort in numbers”, you can keep track of your food waste by deleting if your food is eaten or expired. Also, you can follow your monthly or community’s food waste and saving.

This is a great app to help people to waste less, and make our environment change better. I am happy to download this app that helps me to organize my food better and waste less.

App Review 1: Pinterest



Pinterest which is a social media visual sharing site and platform. As you can choose any topic you are interested in, like makeup, travel, recipes, fashion, art design or something.


Also, you can create a different category of the board to save your favorite pieces of images you like, forward to somebody, or even follow the users which you want to follow. And even create your pin to share with somebody.

As I am a communication design student, this was a nice tool for me, which helped me to find inspiration that developed in my work. Also, you can save your favorite images, videos on your board or download on the phone.

Once I click one of those from my board, there are numerous images I saved before. As you can easily seek different images you saved it.

This was my favorite app when I figured out my work, and easy to organize your favorite piece of images.




Parsons CD Lecture Series: Carly Ayres

After that, I went to a Carly series lecture on the same day. The event that I was found last night on, which holds my attention because Parsons CD Lecture Series invites designers with a unique perspective on practices and shares their experience in the work but also their way of the work. Carly Ayres, who was one of the invited designers in this lecture series. She was a writer and creative director based in New York and a founder of 100sUnder100, which is a community of hundreds of creative people under a hundred years of age. In addition, She’s given voices to Fortune 500 companies & chatbots alike and writes on design, as well as a slew of other things. From this lecture, I have learned that building a relationship is very important in our life. People you meet are part of our life, like classmates, friends, teachers, even strangers. Good interpersonal relationships can promote information sharing between people. In general, relationships make it easier for you to start a business, also it was an impetus to push you to success.