App Review 2: No Waste

I got a senior project class this spring semester, my project is to create a platform which helps our urban communities to waste less and end hunger. Therefore, I downloaded a different app about food management to find inspiration. No Waste is one of the applications that attract my attention.

No Waste which is a platform for people to reduce food waste, get an overview of food items and expiration dates from their freezer, fridge, or even a pantry. This is a simple and clean layout that makes it easy to use.


As you can select different categories that you want to add food items to the list, when you tap the plus button in the small container pops up which includes enter food to the list that you select, scan barcodes, and scan receipt.


Once I tap enter food and there show previous food I add before, below have a suggested list that you can select, also you can type the food item name that you want to add. After completing one of those, you can modify the expiration date, quantity, and set amount. Lastly, tap “add”, however, the food item will automatically be put in your category.


In the other section, when you tap the small house button on the bottom and a statistic that shows the community’s food is eaten or expired. As you tap “Our effort in numbers”, you can keep track of your food waste by deleting if your food is eaten or expired. Also, you can follow your monthly or community’s food waste and saving.

This is a great app to help people to waste less, and make our environment change better. I am happy to download this app that helps me to organize my food better and waste less.

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