Eighth Journal: Distance working

Brooklyn College is closed because of Coronavirus disease, therefore my internship switched to online for the remainder of this semester. So for this week, my supervisor sent us instructions via email and shared the Dropbox file that ensured all of the work should be uploaded there. Today’s assignment is to design the logo for the office, which is called “Office of Educational Research and Assessment” or “ERA” for short. They would like two versions of the logo, one with the full name, one with the short acronym. Moreover, they would like to see 5 versions for each of those, and the long name and short name of the logo should come in pairs, so 5 themes,  total is 10 logos. Later, Isana has a link under the email, and let us look at the City Tech Assessment website (AIRE) for an idea of the logo style they like, but make sure to use Brooklyn College imagery or colors as inspiration instead of City Tech.

Below was the example of AIRE logo

And below was my designs of ERA logo

In the next week, we continue working logos Monday and Thursday. My supervisor would like to see five more versions of the ERA logo. In addition, we still need to design 10 logos for the Office of Institutional Research and Data Analysis (IRDA) and 10 logos for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (IE). The three offices are related to each other, so there should be some similarities in the logos. Also, Isana showed an example for us to explore more ideas. The example list below:


Therefore, based on the example and I used the background in my logo designs. 


On Thursday, we got feedback for logos, they picked the first one of ERA and IRDA and based on these ideas to develop 5 logos for each one, and IE still needed to work. After that, we got a meeting at 2:00 – 3:00. There were 13 participants and we discussed each other, I think that would be a great experience to learn how to have communication with others. 

There was the second draft of the IE and IRDA logos:



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