Twelfth Journal: Mentor

My supervisor Isana Leshchinskaya is my mentor and she helps me and other interns complete each project as much as possible. Every project we completed, she carefully checked it and told us where it should be fixed and gave her suggestions. After we fixed, she still checked it to make sure everything was perfect, and then sent it to our director. We all have to stay at home to continue our internship, she emails the assignments on time every Monday and Thursday amidst COVID-19 that make sure we keep the pathway of the intern. We text Isana when we have some questions about the project, and she responds to us as soon as possible. Almost at the end of the semester, she requires us to do the PowerPoint and present at the meeting which helps us practice for presentation and have time to prepare. I am very happy to meet her and become my mentor in the internship.

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