Seventh Journal: Big Project

After finishing the poster, I started doing the same task with my partner. The upcoming would be a busy week, in which we worked for almost 20 hours. On the first day of the week, we were going to design a couple of versions of the postcard for a student experience survey. This was a big challenge to us because we never did this before, however, we researched information and a bunch of postcard designs to find inspiration to develop in our design. Later, we had a small group meeting with my supervisor and director. We shared our own ideas of visual postcards and discussed each other. They chose my idea and told me it should be changed to be another color. After the meeting, Isana dragged Brooklyn College brand guidelines on each person’s laptop and suggested that the color use the secondary colors. Therefore, we continue to work on postcards.

On Thursday, Isana printed the list for us and pointed out what we should do in detail, which included two postcards, two posters, one big banner, and three boards. My partner and I have assigned different tasks because of time limits. Almost at the end of the day, we finished all the drafts about this project. But unfortunately, the client changed her mind and we should redesign the whole thing because all designs should be kept in the same style. And Isana made sure that we can continue the work tomorrow. We tried to learn some new skills from YouTube like making splash ink in Adobe Illustrator. 

On the last day of this week, we prepared the whole thing for this project. At the meeting, we showed us our works and they were satisfied with it. I realized that was a great opportunity to learn even though we need to redo the whole thing.

Previous Versions:



New Versions:






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