Sixth Journal: The MSCHE Symposium Poster

On the second day of the internship, we got a new project which is a poster for “2020 The Cuny Middle States Council Presents: Msche Symposium” instead of handbook cover. The design is also similar to the handbook cover, a simple layout with an abstract graphic background. Isana showed us the previous interns’ work, the pdf files come with different colors with the same version for 2019. For this project, we should come up with 5 versions at a limited time because Isana had a meeting. She chose 3 pieces of artwork from each person before we left.


During the next week, Isana told me they picked my first version of the poster as their favorite. I am excited they chose my design, and Isana explained to me where I needed to fix it. Therefore, I am still working on a poster and my partner assigned to start the new project.

This was the final poster version:

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