Fifth Journal: My First day

The first project we are going to design two book covers, one was the AES assessment handbook which for the registered office, learning center and the number of students attending the event that link to the budget. Another one was the General Education Assessment Workbook which for students to access their goal and make strategies to fulfill the College’s mission. My supervisor showed us the example of the previous design they used and explained to us the client’s demands. The client demands the size was 8.5 x 11 inches, the design gonna use an abstract graphic background, and for the color which is based on the Brooklyn College’s logo, “maroon”. After that, we started working on our first project. We should have six versions of each book cover, the first step we are going to sketch out our ideas for the cover and communicate with a partner which can improve the work looks better, and the second step was to create the visual book cover. At a specific time, our supervisor would take a look at our design and provide some suggestions and show us where it should be fixed. The biggest challenge for this project was the color limited and must use a graphic background as the cover, no images. I hope I can brainstorm more ideas for this project and work better.

Here were my designs:



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