Journal 11

Now I notice I have no more night shifts and I’m starting to get more morning shifts. At first it was a struggle having nights and morning shifts during the same week. I am actually getting used to morning shifts and I am not a morning person at all. This week I noticed I am killing it at the register in the mornings. Starting to know exactly which meals guests have before they even walk up to me and where exactly are the buttons to that specific meal, snack, soft drink, alcoholic drink, and desserts. I get excited every time because before I use to struggle, I will feel that guests will start to get impatient and I will have to say “Sorry” every time. One magic moment I had was when I was in the burger station, I noticed this couple and the guy is blind. When their burgers were done I noticed he ended up being alone his wife went to go get some drinks and didn’t realize their food was done. I immediately asked the guy if I can help him to the register, he didn’t mind, once I did his wife came to the register and thanked me. Moments like this brightens up my whole day, I will never forget that. I love helping people and making their day feel amazing and special.


In my advanced studies class we was on the topic of event planning and my professor Pamela was able to present to us different event videos that Disney event planners created. There were videos of kids birthday parties, adults birthday parties and weddings in Magic kingdom. All these videos were breathtaking and beautiful. I wouldn’t mind actually assisting with these events and I use to set up for different events before, once a wedding at a golf club and then at my past catering job.


This week I also got to experience another entertaining night which it was for Sam’s birthday, he decided to celebrate at Epcot’s food and wine. Since I’ve been extremely busy ever since food and wine started I didn’t get to experience it until Sam’s birthday celebration. He invited Gabby, my roommates, his roommates and his friends from work. We all had a blast in tasting different foods from around the world and enjoying the warm weather in October.

Week 11 was one fun week!  I wonder what’s next in these few more weeks in my first program, week 12 I’m ready for you.

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  1. Living Learning and Earning, you are doing it all.

    I like that the City Tech CPs are sticking together, it helps build a tight network.

    The magical moment you created will not only be remembered by you but by your guests as well. Well done.

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