Journal #5

Week 5 of the Disney College program has been filled with many ups and downs. While on the one hand, my social life is filled with friendly interactions with my roommates and friends, work has been getting increasingly difficult. Strangely enough, I think I’ve been managing to juggle all aspects of my life right now which include school, social life, and work. While I do feel physically exhausted most days, It seems that my mental wellbeing is in a good place which is really nice. Being that this is my first time working full time, being a full-time student and being completely independent, I worried that my mental health would struggle to keep up with everything, but I think I’m doing pretty okay.

I have officially gotten my ears, which means I am officially responsible for everything needed to be done within a station. While I was training, I had a trainer that would watch over the station and help out as much as possible. Transitioning into doing everything by myself has come with many challenges. One of the biggest challenges I have has to do with turnovers. Turnovers normally happen from 10:30 to 11:00. By 11:00, all breakfast stations switch over to lunch stations menus change as well meaning that guests will be able to order from the lunch menu. The problem comes when there are 2 people in a station working nonstop to feed the guests and have no time to make the switch. The first day I had to do the change over we had one of the chefs come in and help us out because we were so behind. She wasn’t very happy about it, but she could tell we had and overload of guests and we couldn’t just tell the guest we have to close the shop while we made the shift. If there were a way to get a person who is just in charge of the turnover for all of the stations, the switch would be so much more seamless. At this moment in time, I’m trying to figure out how I can be the most efficient in everything that I do especially when there is a long line of guest and I am alone in the station. As I get a better understanding of the stations and timings I will have a better idea of when I should make the switch between stations.

On a brighter note, I was able to hang out with Dez, Sam, and Brittany for the first time together at magic kingdom. It was super cool; we got to go on a couple of ride and see the fireworks. I also got to go to Animal Kingdom with my rooMmates for the first time this week and we waited over 75 minutes to get on Avatar’s flight of passage. In the end though, it was completely worth it. It really felt like you were flying, and the part where the banshee dives down near the water was literally the coolest thing ever. I got to see the Plain White T’s at Epcot with Sam which was super fun. Every time I have a hard time at work, I just think about being able to go to the parks any time I want for free.

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