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Think of your portfolio as a marketing tool to market you.

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    • Use a clean professional image
    • The site’s title includes your name
    • The tag line should be an inspirational quote
  • WIDGET TEXT: a personal mission statement is added here
  • Before you write a personal mission statement think about the following:
  • Know your short and long term goals (1year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years)
  • How will you accomplish your goals?
  • Think of your character and values: WHO do YOU want to become?
  • What do you do now and what will you continue to do to contribute to your success?
  • What quotes, poems, songs inspire you?
  • Think about leaders you have admired, what is it exactly you admire?
  • Take your time, be thoughtful
  • This mission statement will change and develop as you change and develop


  • Biography of you as a college student and future industry leader
  • PDF of resume


  • Include a short reflection of the courses that have been of greatest significance to you academic development (include HMGT and core courses)
  • Course examples (SUB CATEGORY OF Academic PORTFOLIO PAGE)
    • Include evidence of your academic abilities and strengths. Possible skills to highlight include critical thinking, communication, initiative and follow-through, technical skills.
    • Supporting documents may include academic projects, papers, activities or assignments.
    • Outstanding examples of your academic accomplishments. Supporting documents may include transcripts, course descriptions, syllabi, sample papers.

Professional Development (PORTFOLIO PAGE):

  • Include a short reflection of how you are positioning yourself to be a future industry leader. What decisions are you making, what networking you are doing, what organizations you are joining…
  • The following are SUB CATEGORIES of your Professional Development PORTFOLIO PAGE
  • Resume, PDF and text
  • List your internships, include examples of what you learned as an Intern and Supervisor Evaluations (PDF)
    • CP diplomas
  • Examples of your employment experience and what you contributed as an employee, if possible include a Supervisor Evaluation (PDF) or Recommendation (PDF)
  • Honors, Awards and Recommendations:
    • Awards received
    • Newspaper or other media coverage
    • Nominations


  • Club and organization involvement
  • Participation in workshops, conferences and retreats
  • Volunteer work
  • Service-Projects
  • Social/Campus activism programs

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