Read and React 4

Staying positive and having high moral daily at any job can be a true struggle. I myself however have found so many ways with the Walt Disney Company in keeping it fun, and I find myself enjoying each and everyday I come to work. Being a part and employed by the Walt Disney Company is truly an amazing reward in its self. To have the ability to say to others that I work for “the Walt Disney Company” and have such a positive reaction, just shows the true high standards and reputation of the Company.

The Walt Disney Company has many repetitive roles that are performed by Cast Members. Wether it is working the same attraction each day, or preparing the same type of food each day, these roles are extremely vital to the success of the company. As Disney Management it is a major responsible to create a safe and positive work environment that allows their full time Cast Members to work their forty plus hours a week. A major way that Disney accomplishes this task is by making guests compliments a special and monotones occasion. Hearing positive feedback about job performance is a huge moral buster and encouragement tactic. Explored in the article “Why do employees stay? A Qualitative Exploration of Employee Tenure” by John T. Self and Ben Dewald, they heavily stress on the fact of giving employees incentive to stay as a huge turnover reducer for employers. Disney has many offers that continue to encourage Cast Members to strive and remain with the Company. These include monthly drawings for “4 Keys Cards” to win prizes, placing all guest compliments on a Cast Members “Record Card” for employment long documentation, and posting recognition in common areas for other Cast Members to see.

The Walt Disney Company is a very large and respected company that truly strives to make a difference all the way down to its front line employees. The dedication to that, is a clear example of The Walt Disney Company values. These values are a staple for its employees to continue employment and be a part of this prestigious company.

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  1. I would love to see the guest compliments all of our CPs have received. That would be a great assessment of our fine student efforts and unique opportunities to make magical moments.

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