Journal 15

Last week was one of the best weeks I had in a long time. There were so many intriguing events going on in one week with people I love, just met and got close to within these four months. It’s the ending of my program and I haven’t once went into the soda machine room. It was my first time going in there to see if the four soda machines in beverage island were having the soda flowing correctly. I literally learn something new every day when I’m at work. Quick service and working at my location has taught me so much more about food and beverage, how to keep my composure in many different situations, and have patience with guests who didn’t understand how the dining plans work.

Throughout these four months in this program there were many challenges that I had to face but I learned to get through it on my own and with that I learned much more about myself. This wasn’t my first time being away from home since I was able to experience it before in the beginning of my college years. However, it was my first time being in a different state and not being able to visit home whenever I wanted to. Throughout my four months here in Florida, I was extremely grateful to have family that live here to help me with anything I needed. This chapter of my life is close and I am so ready to start my next program with Disney in my new position. I’m ready to take full advantage since I barely got to network, attend housing events, global offerings, education offerings and trips that Disney provides for us college students. Also take pictures with more of the characters, I only got a chance to have pictures with Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, LILO & Stitch.

My first program is complete, it went by so quick to me and soon my second program will begin. I’ll be in Epcot doing merchandise, can’t wait!! I am ready for new experiences, expand my skills, eager to learn so much more about hospitality within Disney and myself; professionally and personally. I’m clearly not ready to end my program, I am blessed and grateful to continue my stay and to continue it with Gabby and Sam. Can’t wait to experience more memorable moments with these two and make more friends!!!! Closing this chapter with Fall 2018 Disney College Program and beginning a new chapter for the Spring 2019 Disney College Program.

 These are my neighbors that I got to spend quality time with during my program. 

 One of my roommates with Sam, Gabby and I. My other roommate couldn’t make it due to work. 

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