Read and React 1

This was my second time attending “Traditions”.  I loved it!  Traditons is a class af Disney University that EVERY new castmember must attend before they can go proceed with their training.

“Traditions” is split up into three different sections:

1. Safe “D” begins with me. The safety of our cast members & our guests always comes first.  When Walt Disney himself envisioned building Disneyland, he saw a place where families of all ages could have fun together in a safe atmosphere.  That has been a key role in our parks & resorts since then.

2. “The Four Keys”.  The Four Keys Basics is Walt Disney’s vision for a great Guest Experience. They consist of:

Courtesy – Providing friendly, personalized service to make every guests feel special and individual.  This doesn’t jusy pertain to our guests.  We should act the same to our fellow castmembers on stage AND backstage.
Some ways we can be courteous are:
– smiling and making eye contact
– seeking out guests contact
– greeting each and every person

Efficiency – Through efficient practices at our work location, we can reduce costs, reduce guests wait times, make guest visits more enjoyable, and give guests the best value for their dollar.
Some ways can be efficient are:
– being on time
– knowing our location and the surrounding areas
– knowing our role and our resources

Safety – Protecting every guest and every cast member from harm.  Every incident could be preventable, so we believe that everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining safe environments and safe situations at all times.
Some ways we can be safe are:
– holding the hand rails
– reporting incidents immediately.

Show – The show is what we all work to create.  This included the sceneries, sounds, scents, costumes, and how we present ourselves.
Some ways we can keep “good show” is:
– displaying disney look
– maintaining character integrity
– keeping areas clean and tidy

3. The third section of “Traditons” was the fun part! We recieved our ears and nametags.  Once we recieved our nametags we went on a field trip through westclock to fantasyland.  At fantasyland, we were split up into groups and told to use “The Four Keys” where it was needed! My group assisted a young child climbing on a rock. We made sure he made it down safely.  We also saw some trash on the floor so we quickly picked it up and threw it out.



Attending “Traditions” for a second time definitely made me understand our company a lot more.  There are many precautions we take to ensure an amazing trip for our guests as well as a great work environment for our cast members.

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  1. I have learned through students that Traditions has changed significantly over the years. Did you see any changes?

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