35 Points    Two courses offered by WDWCP in Orlando________________

It is expected that you will successfully complete the requirements of each course in a timely manner and as described in each syllabus obtained by your WDWCP instructor.

20 Points    Read and React____________________________________

Articles will be posted on the “Read and React” page of the OpenLab site. Read the articles and comment on the topic as it relates to your internship experience. Comments will be posted to the Read and React pages of the OpenLab site during the specified time frame. At least one comment and one reaction to another student’s comment, more are encouraged, must be written for each article.

15 Points    Reflective photo journal______________________________

Weekly reflective photo journal entries are to be posted on the OpenLab site addressing issues of your own personal growth, achievements and/or challenges faced throughout your experience. Submit entries to the Weekly Reflective Journals section of OpenLab. Reflective journals can be marked private.

15 Points    Field supervisor evaluation____________________________

It is expected that you will successfully complete the requirements of your assigned position and submit a copy of your field supervisor’s evaluation.

15    Points    Professional Portfolio_______________________________

See “portfolio content” for details

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