Journal #14

This week I have said farewell to a very close friend from work, spent my first time away from home for christmas, and spent the holidays with my roommates and coworkers. Everything at this point feels bitter sweet, being away from home was upsetting and I tried holding off as best as I could from calling my family but eventually I had to talk to them which was super emotional. At work I was able to switch with another cast member so that I would work in the front of the house rather than being isolated in the Pizza closet. I was so grateful to Nikko because I don’t think I would have been able to deal with isolation. My friends and I made christmas cards for everyone at work which was really fun. Two days before christmas we decided to go to Target and print out christmas letters and write notes to everyone. We then went to work on christmas day and watched everyone open the cards in front of us and it was just great to see all of their reactions.

In the last two weeks my coworkers and I have gotten so much closer. We were able to go to formal and our Disney graduation which was so fun! We all got to dance together and just overall have a great time which I was so grateful to have had experienced. As we head to the end of the year, there’s a growing fear of separation that hangs over our heads. The saddest thing is knowing that we have built such great ties with those around us just to have to leave at some point. I had to say goodbye to Krissy, a friend I made towards the middle and end of my program, and seeing her go was so heartbreaking. She decided to self term in order to surprise her sister for the holidays. As sad as it was, I know that we would keep in touch and honestly just getting to meet her and learn from her is the most incredible thing in the world. Honestly, I am so scared for what is to come when all of my roommates, and coworkers move out on January 3rd and I stay in a huge house all on my own for 4 days. 


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