Journal 12

Here’s to week 12, once again I have all morning shifts and I love it. I prefer mornings shifts than nights. I mainly get along with every cast member, even culinary and a two of the chefs; not all of them are friendly but I’m still am. I was actually planning on heading home to see my family but it didn’t work out. Before I knew this I had asked a part timer if she can take my shift and she agreed to. To switch your shift with another cast member that is off, you will have to get the approval from a leader and they will have to get both perners (Our Disney’s I.D numbers) in order to put it into the system. At first, I had asked one of my leaders prior if she can approve it, I already gave her everything she needed and she was fine with it. I noticed on the hub I didn’t get any notification about my day off and I had to ask another leader, how long does it take for it to process through once a leader approves it. The other leader I had asked said it should go through right away and come to find out the initial leader I had asked never put it into the system before her ten week medical leave. To be honest I was upset but the second leader I had asked did it for me although I knew at that point I couldn’t go home due to personal circumstances. I didn’t mind giving away my shift and helping another cast member who barely had hours this week.

This week was a little overdue and stressful since Gabby and I had to finish our 35 page business plan. We both was busy but we made sure we got it done together and with our other partners including Dez. Also, I forgot about my human resource midterm and I had this misconception that it was going to be online I don’t know why. I still had some time to study as much as I can. I did my best and ended up being the last one finishing the test. I am ready for week 13 at this point.

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