Journal 13

Week 12 was one rollercoaster and Week 13 ended up being a little better. At work, there’s so much I continue to learn everyday, literally. Although it’s toward the ending of the fall program I still continue to find out new things at work. At this point mornings are my best friends I haven’t had a night shift once. When I was at the register a guest ended up teaching me something about the dining plan. If a guest has a child under 3 they’re not included into the dining plan and the parent has to pay for them separately. The program is almost over and I didn’t even know that until I had an interaction with this particular family. They were very understanding, wished me the best in my future and the college program. I ended up taking one of my coworkers three hour shift at night although I already worked in the morning. I didn’t mind getting the extra money and plus I haven’t worked nights in a while it wasn’t a closing shift so that’s why I took it. Closing shifts end at 11:30 and her shift was only from 6pm to 9pm. My coworker was a Cp and for me taking her shift she drove me home, brought me lunch and had an uber wait for me when I came out of work. I was extremely appreciative to her offerings since I had a morning shift the next day and didn’t want to take the Disney bus. The Disney buses take a long period of time to come sometimes and it takes about close to a hour to get home when my apartment is only fifteen minutes away from Port Orleans Riverside. The same CP who gave away her shift, sadly had to self term due to financial issues back home with her school.


For my Human Resources class I have a project on Trader Joe’s. There are four girls and myself in this group and everyone is in the ICP except for me. I have three girls from Japan and the other one is Canadian. It being the second to last week of classes to hand in the whole project with your partners there, none of them show up. I find out that they all went to their graduation ceremony for ICP’s and then the Canadian girl I thought was there ended up not being there. My professor ended up finding out for me that she self termed. Since she was the one who had the google file on her account and didn’t allow us to edit, I decided to take the leading role and do a PowerPoint instead. Since I’m the one who’s fluent in English, I made sure everyone had a part and I constructed the whole PowerPoint. Although it was a little frustrating, everyone did they part and all we had to do was prepare for the presentation. Looking forward to classes ending; receiving grades, the Disney formal, and my family is coming on week 14!!!


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