Journal 14

Wow can’t believe it’s close to the end of the program. I’m actually thrilled and can’t wait to start my new position, I’m honestly over food and beverage. Week 14, I got a few night shifts but mainly mornings, usually when this happens I attempt to trade my nights with people who have mornings but I decided to just keep my nights. One night my shift ended at 10:30 and towards the ending of my program, I finally get to close the sandwich and salad shops. First time ever but it wasn’t hard at all. Everything is pretty much wrapped up already, all I have to do is clean the counters, throw away the food that’s been out and finish wrapping plates and lids that have been opened.

I had a few entertaining and special moments during this week. A day before my family comes both of my classes end, which by the way I passed my midterm with a 80 something. Although I was nervous for both of my presentations I was able to ace them all with minor errors. Afterwards, I had to get a last minute outfit for formal which I was able to find something cute and simple. I ended up going with one of my roommates and my other roommate went back home to visit her family. Once we arrived, I immediately seen Gabby and her coworkers there, we all danced and had an amazing time. Sam ended up coming later but we was all able to take a cute picture together. I also was able to see some of my coworkers, neighbors and surprisingly one of my leaders was working as well during the formal. I really enjoyed myself at the formal, we all had a blast!!!

Next day, my family comes and I met them at Disney Springs to celebrate my older sister’s pre- birthday dinner at Planet Hollywood. I was also thankful that us cast members get a 20% off there as well. The days my family was here I got them tickets to enjoy Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic kingdom, we got to enjoy all the four parks, and just kept celebrating my sisters birthday weekend. My family was very appreciative and had a delighted mini vacation in Florida with me. I, myself was extremely thrilled to have them here this week. I was able to get two days off, have morning shifts, and was able to get ER’s at work which are requesting to leave early before your shift ends. Looking forward to week 15 for our graduation ceremony!


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