Journal 10

Week 9 is over, here’s to Week 10 which was very interesting. This week I was able to have all morning shifts once again. At this point I felt like I needed to know more about the register. There’s so many buttons to remember and get used to. Register is not as hard but it’s just remembering where everything is at a fast pace. I still take my time so I do not have to make any errors, once you make errors on the register you have to cancel the whole transaction. With the Disney’s dining system it doesn’t allow every meal and snack to be purchase at the same time. Once I greet the guests and see that they have more than their entrée, snack or drink I have to inform them that everything can’t be processed at once. I will have to do the quick service meals first and then the snacks afterwards and every time I say this majority of the guests understands. Usually when a guest doesn’t know their pin I always try my best to assist them by asking them if they have the Disney app. On the Disney app they are able to go into their profile, next press Magic bands and cards, and then it will have the option to reset their pin. Usually it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I will have to cancel the transaction and ask them if they’re on the dining plan and even if they’re not it’s the same processes. Once I get to cancel the transaction, a receipt will come out, behind that receipt I will put “999”, ask for their first and last name and their room number. Every time a cast member has a “999” they have to give it to the leaders or a coordinator whichever one. Some of the guests are either confused or misinformed about the dining plans and I will have to explain to them from scratch. I actually prefer the register sometimes when it’s busy instead of being in the shops.

The exciting news I received this week was my extension letter, that I got accepted!!! I honestly knew I was going to get accepted since I haven’t called out and didn’t have any reprimands. My first choice was to be a vacation planner and then my second choice was Merchandise. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get the vacation planner and instead I got Merchandise but I am grateful anyways that I am staying. I look forward to knowing next where’s my location. Looking forward to week 11.

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