Journal 9

Week 9, I ended up closing another shop I’m not too fond about which is Bakery. Bakery consists of a lot of cleaning, throwing away the cupcakes and wrapping up the pastries in bags for second harvest. Second harvest is when you have to write how many pastries your putting in the bag, I the specific name of each type, the date and where it’s coming from. Every time I close bakery I never actually cleaned out the cappuccino machine by myself. This time I decided to go for it without any assistance, I was able to clean everything and I was proud of myself that I finally did it.


I had a funny interaction with another mom and her daughter. After I had greeted the mom, I had asked “Which Park are you going to today”? The mom states, “Magic kingdom”, then her daughter states to me “OMG, it’s been so long”, I ask How long has it’s been for you” and that’s when the mom states, It hadn’t even been 24 hours yet. I personally thought it was funny during the moment and cute since the little girl exaggerated their stay and they basically just arrived. Interactions like this with different families brightens up my mood and it makes the moment much meaningful to remember.

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