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Sammy Cordero – Tomb Traps

Project Description: A mobile Maze game that is interactive, and has an RPG story element to the game play. The game makes the players think, and enthralls the player into a fantasy world. The game is about an archeologists couple that search for treasure and ancient artifacts in tombs. They embark on an archeological journey to search for ancient artifacts in the tombs in Peru. Once there in the tombs  the main characters loses his wife. She gets capture by a native tribe that lives in the depth of the tomb. The main character Dr. Bernard has to find his way through a maze of traps, fight giant creature, mystical shaman, and warriors to rescue his wife.

Target Audience: Young adults from the ages 14-35.

Design Problem: Most brain game are boring, and don’t have any back story to the game.

Solution: Design a brain game that is interactive, and that has an RPG element to the game play.

Nutrition – Sammy Cordero – 2nd Proposal

User: City Tech students and Faculty.

Context: The school cafeteria and website does not display any nutritional information about the food they serve. The cafeteria and website needs to offer the nutritional information of the food,  so that students and staff could make healthy choices.

Motivation: The students and staff are making misinformed decisions because of the lack of information offered. Obesity is an epidemic in the United States that causes life threatening health problems to help combat obesity people need to make informed decision about the food that they eat.

Solution:  To tackle this problem I propose that we create a menu on the school website that offers all the nutritional content in the food being served in the cafeteria every day. Also I propose that we place a flat screen monitor in the cafeteria that displays the menu, and nutritional content of the food served (Ex. Calories, Vitamins, Cholesterol).

Outcome: By providing the nutritional facts about the food being served in the City tech cafeteria students and faculty will be empowered to make healthier choices. These changes could help the school combat obesity.