R/10/9: Midterm Project Into


No school Monday! Don’t come here. you won’t be able to get in.
The Midterm Project will be introduced on Tuesday, October 14th
Midterm Project Introduction has been rescheduled due to Semester Agenda changes.


  • Gallery Walk: Vertical & Horizontal Prototypes
  • Usability Testing

    DESCRIPTION: Each student will complete one Postmortem Questionnaire on their own Vertical and Horizontal Prototypes. Students will also complete one Critique Form on one of their fellow designers.
    DETAILS: (final post parameters)

    • TITLE: ‘Name: Horizontal & Vertical’
    • BODY: Horizontal Prototype .jpeg
    • Vertical Prototype .jpeg
    • .pdf 1 Postmortem Questionnaire (aka self reflection)
    • .pdf 1 Critique Form from your Design Partner (listed below)


  • Dell & Josue
  • Tricia & Sammy
  • Dimple & Marvin
  • Nafis & Nate
  • Tamanda & Carlos
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