R/11/20: Proposal Review


  • Confirm student access to presentation videos
  • Proposal Review: Posters
  • Group Exercise: Midterm Project Poster Creation
  • DEMO: Poster Presentation Templates

    A Project Poster is a platform for sharing projects at design conferences, exhibits, or in academia. Similar to Moodboards, posters act as a visual explanation for a concept and serve as a visual brief.

  • PowerPoint template
  • OpenOffice Template
  • LECTURE HOMEWORK: Presentation Self Reflection

    DESCRIPTION: Students will view the videos of their presentations and complete a self-reflection. Self-reflections should be submitted to the instructor via email. Self-reflections are available via download from Google Drive. DUE: Tuesday, Nov 25th.

  • Submitted Self Reflection form via email: “rheritage@citytech.cuny.edu”

  • Colin Purrington: Designing Conference Posters (downloadable templates)
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