T/11/4: Presentation I


  • Lecture
  • Student form groups
  • Groups choose topics
  • Individuals choose topics

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    HOMEWORK : Individual Presentation

    DESCRIPTION: Students will choose either a theme, creation/product, or individual/group/company related to Emerging Media Technology. Students will present their topic, in Petcha Kucha style, on Tuesday, Nov 11th. 2014. Template available via Google Drive
    PARAMETERS: Presented: Tuesday, Nov 11th. 2014

    HOMEWORK: Group Presentation

    DESCRIPTION: In groups of two, students will present on a topic covered and practiced in the semester.
    Topics to cover should be chosen from the following list. One topic per presentation. Presentations given Thursday, Nov 13th 2014. Template available via Google Drive

    • Gantt Charts
    • Paper Prototypes
    • Ideation
    • Vertical & Horizontal Prototypes
    • Moodboards

    PARAMETERS: Presented: Thursday, Nov 13th 2014

    TOPICS : Group & Individual topics listed below


  • Sammy & Tricia: Horizontal & Vertical Prototypes
  • Dell & Marvin: Paper Prototypes
  • Carlos & Josue: Ideation
  • Nafis: & Dimple: Horizontal & Vertical Prototypes


    Nate: Wearable Technology Lily Pad Arduino

  • PRODUCT: Lilypad Site
  • CREATIONS: Wearable Arduino Projects

  • Marvin: Gaming with the Oculus Rift

  • COMPANY: Oculus Rift Site
  • PRODUCTS: List of Oculus Rift
  • CREATION: Black Glove

  • Tamanda: Artstyle Gaming

  • PRODUCT: Borderlands Game Series
  • PRODUCT: Night in the Woods
  • PRODUCT: Push Me Pull You Trailer & Site

  • Dell: 3D Game Engines

  • PRODUCT: Unity 3D Showcase
  • PRODUCTS: 15 3D Engines

  • Sammy: Mobile Gaming

  • THEME: International Mobile Gaming Awards
  • THEME: iPhone 6 & Mobile Gaming

  • Tricia:

    Dimple: Gaming with the Virtuix Omni

  • PRODUCT: Virtuix Omni & Kickstarter site
  • CREATION: College Tours with the Virtuix Omni

  • Josue: Volumetric Displays

  • CREATION: Michael David’s Volumetric Display
  • THEME: Hardware HackLab
  • GROUP: Looking Glass Factory

  • Nafis: Computational Imaging

  • GROUP: The Template
  • PRODUCT: Tantric Star AR
  • PRODUCT: Moving Light

  • Carlos: Gaming

  • THEME: Independent Games Festival
  • THEME: Game Developers Choice Awards

  • Suggested Architecture for Presentations (Printable PDF)
  • Lucidchart Template (make copy):
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