R/10/23: Midterm Proj. Work 4


  • In class work: Ideation Scenario Sheet DUE: Tue, Oct 21st end-of-class
  • In class work: Interaction Storyboard (Copy/Edit in Lucid Chart) DUE Thur, Oct 23rd end-of-class
  • In class work: Digital Deliverable 2 (dependent on project & listed below) And Precedent Diagram
  • Group A: Horizontal Prototype
    Halls of Pain: Component Diagram
    Next Level Fitness: Horizontal Prototype

  • In class Work: Precedent Diagram

    DESCRIPTION: Each student group should make a copy of the Midterm Presentation Template and populate it with their design documents.
    Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.05.33 AM


  • Template Project Site
  • (Template: Midterm Project Presentation in Google Docs)

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