Tricia: Idea Draft

The concept i thought of is to make a game where all of my favorite childhood characters of the late 90’s early 2000’s interact. They are all based in the tv show Courage the Cowardly dog show’s world. characters that would be included would be most from the cartoon network shows, nickelodeon cartoons, and some disney characters. that would include power puff girls, courage the cowardly dog, rugrats, etc.  I picked the Courage world for; you can make up many problems the characters come across, no matter how far fetched because the show and world is far fetched and has a certain tone to it. which sets it up for a problem and solution to be solved.

There are not a lot of games where your favorite characters interact, only way you can get that pleasure is if you read cross over fan fiction, or play the two games that actually do this. (Kingdom Hearts, and Capcom vs marvel.)

Most games that are based on a tv show are not well made and if you have a game that does not have to focus heavily on what that or those characters story is about just the way they act and how they would act in the set world, you have potential for a great game.  This game would be for the people that grew up with the late 90’s cartoons and early 20’s cartoon, it would seem like a E rated game (E is for Everyone) but for the fact it is based in the courage the cowardly dog show world it would be rate T+ (T for Teen, + for and older)

This game will give this demographic the nostalgic of there favorite shows growing up with a heavy plot that they would love to come back and play again. The interaction of the different characters will increase there interest of how certain character would act toward each other.

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